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Photo of Master SasukeSlave Naruto

Master Trampler
Smashman Junior (aka: Slave Thread Licker)
Trampler, Stomper, Crusher, Master, 100% Dominant Trampelee, Crushee, Boot/Sneaker licker, Slave, 100% Submissive, Property of Master Trampler
Master Trampler loves to trample crush, stomp and torture his slave. He has been into trampling since he was 12 years old. He loves to be dominated by his Master and when they are together his master tramples on his many times every day, sometimes his Master allows him to lick food off his boots/sneakers. He also loves to be under tyres und therefore run over with 4x4 Trucks ATVs/Quads and Bikes. The more agressive the treads the better!