Movie Requests - Have a personalized movie made specially for you!


Sorry we cannot offer the stomping of anything living such as snails etc.


Trample / Stomping Movie Commission Submission Form

Here is a form to help you select things you would like to have in a movie specially made for you. In general we ask you to give us around 4 weeks after payment to make you the movie. Depending on what options you choose for your movie the price will alter. As advisory for 'normal' trampling movies with no special requests you can consider the costs to be around 14£ for a 10 min movie, 22£ for a 20 minute movie, 30£ for 30 min. If you request muddy action for example this will be extra charge depending on what you want. We will respond to any forms sent and until discussion is finished there is no commitment to buying a movie.

We use two cameras for all our commission movies unless otherwise requested to give two different viewpoints.

In general commission movies are simply uploaded to our website for your to download but you can request to have your commission movie written to a DVD in DVD format to play on any DVD player. This would incur a small fee as the disks are printed with the logo and title and the postage costs will need to be paid. We will ship to anywhere in the world.

Name or Nickname:

Email: Please make sure to send us your correct email address or we will not be able to reply!

Movie Type: (Trampling or Stomping?)

Duration of movie (in minutes):

Position wanted? (such as chest, back, bum, stomach)

Footware wanted: (please check our footware selection on the website)

clean or muddy?:


For Stomping:

Object of Food for stomping on?:

How much should it be destroyed?:


Any other comments you would like to make for the requested movie?: