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Making Custom Made Trample movies on Slave Treadlicker with the sneakers, boots etc you want! Muddy, Clean, With food or similar.

Click here for the Movie Commission Form


Trample movies with sneakers and boots you send us!

If you send us a pair of new or in very good condition sneakers or boots or similar we will make you a free trampling movie with them.

Duration around 20 minutes long!


Send us objections (no animals) and we will crush and destroy them with the sneakers/boots you pick.

Movies on offer in our shop

There are various movies on offer in our shop, that include gettign run over and trampled. With mud and with food. Please check them out!

Selling our Used socks!

We now are also offereing our used socks in black and white for ONLY 15 pounds! please check the shop!

Master Trample White Socks

Master Trample Black Socks

Slave Treadlicker White Socks

Slave Treadlicker Black Socks