Trampling with Inliners, Spikes, Ice-skates and more!

  • Chainsaw Boots with Spikes NEW!
  • Inline Skates
  • Spikes
  • Ice Skates NEW!


Smashman Junior gets Trampled on Front and Back

Under Treemme Chainsaw Safety boots with metal spikes!!!





























































Smashman Junior gets trampled and tortured with

Size 12 UK Inline Skates by Squasher Top

Squasher Top, now up to 80 Kg. Some delicious gasping and groaning from the slave!

Runtime 8:35 Price 15.00 UK Pounds

(Shop ID: Rollers00001)

HD Movie 1080i Size: 324,008 KB

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Here you can see a short movie of me being trampled by Smashman

under Nike Running Spikes when I was 18




Smashman Junior Trampled under size 12 UK Ice Hockey Skates by Squasher Top

Be sure to watch the whole movie pictures at the end showing the damage!



Smashman Junior get trampled on his front and back

under Ice Hockey Skates by Squasher Top! Lots of moaning!



Here is a short Clip of Smashman trampling me

under Ice Hockey Skates when I was 18 I hope you enjoy it!