ATV Runover Movies

Here are screenshots of the movies you can buy where Smashman Junior (aka Slave Treadlicker) gets run over by ATVs and Trucks.

Slave treadlicker get run over with an ATV Buggy on an ATV track by a friend.

sadly there was a little audio distortion in this movie as the gain of the microphone and the ATVs motor was very loud but I have tried to my best to minimise the distortion sounds. hence why this movie is only in the shop at 10 pounds it was very fun to make!

Price 10.00 UK Pounds

File size: 155,264 KB
Run time 05:42.
HD 1920 x 1080

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Getting run over by an ATV with 160kg driver

Full Movie Includes Part 1 and 2. (Runtime 32:00) Price 35.00 UK Pounds

(Shop ID:ATVF00003)

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Part 1 Snapshots (Runtime 19:05) Price 22.00 UK Pounds

(Shop ID:ATVP00002)

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Part 2 Snapshots (Runtime 12:55) Price 14.00 UK Pounds (Shop ID:ATVP00002)

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