Information about donations

We are currently on working to get this website up an running. Obviously the first donations will be going towards the hosting costs of this website. When the donation amout exceeds that amout we will be either using the money for funding an ATV bike to use on this website for crushing and running over or we will be using it for buying things to crush or trainers/sneakers/ and boots to use for trampling and crushing/stomping.

Please help us by donating.

We will add any new donations to the list of donators (£2.5 minimum donation) to our website where the names will appear as requested by the donator and if wanted an email address/ or similar and details about them if they are tramplers or tramplees etc. will be added to enable donators to hook up with like-minded people.

Thanks for any donations!

Donators – Thanks for your donations!

£2.5 minimum donation amount to be listed on this list.

(List is ordered according to donation amout.)

Please message us the details you would like to have entered or

alternativly you will be listed as anonymus donator.

Click here to submit your information for the Donators list. This information will be displayed in the Table below.

Name or NicknameLocationLikesPositionWeight Height FootsizeEmail / Chat IDDonation Amount
BootzAustraliaLikes. Most things to do with sneakers and bootsBottom / slave tramplee80k 5’10” 9-10 ishken.larkin55(at) gmail(dot)com GF id. SP503075£10 10 Pairs of trainers and boots!  
Crush1meUK, near Londonlying under a strong master and being trampled under trainers/boots whilst being made to lick themBottom/ Slave13.5st/86kg 6.6ft 10.5ukAndrew.logan48 (Skype)£60 Pair of new asics trainers
GayFunUncleUK, Loughborough sitting,
trampling, squashing
Top12st/77kg 6’0″/182cm 10.5uksquasher-top(at)£60
BartlattenNetherlandslike to be trampled in sneakersNA82 kg
44 eu
messenger I.D: bartlatten£20
ZamoMidlands, UKslaveboy tied up and crushedMasterNANA£10